A title or preview for a website, video, or other form of media that is misleading. It either doesn't have anything to do with the media or is providing false information.
An example of click bait is a title that says "Make hundreds of dollars easy!" but then links to an article promoting a window washing company. Or, a video title like "New gameplay of GAME!" with no actual gameplay in the video.

In a Sentence:
The website said that this article would tell me how to make a lot of money but it was just promoting a company, such a clickbait title.
by TheTurtleDuckMan May 28, 2016
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Something that youtubers do to get you to click on their videos. This is not masturbate but is similar in many ways
When you masturbate, you don't want to run into click bait
by JuiceMan30 February 24, 2019
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by Spoder3333 May 25, 2017
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buy the domain for your pet blog
A drew durnil thumbnail with his stupid font he uses in every thumbnail that fucci boi
Alex The Rambler is better because he dosent use clickbait.
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by drew durnil fangirl February 08, 2018
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Hey guys it's Ali-a back here with another click bait video *Ali-a music starts playing*
by Crikey Mate it's Ali-a August 03, 2018
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A link or website that is falsely advertised as attractive but in reality it either false news or boring . It's common on YouTube , Social Media and Ads
Hey dude, that's a YouTube Click Bait, don't press on it. The New England Patriots didn't lose the the Denver Broncos
by ThatWordlyDude January 03, 2017
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The thing I absolutely hate the most.

This method is set up by what looks like a cool or innocent article, video, etc, but once the viewer clicks on it, the creator gets profit.

On YouTube, there are many of these YouTubers. They often use overused thumbnails such as boobs, or annoying things IN the thumbnails, such as circles or arrows. These are usually attractive to many viewers, and once they get their hands on that video, the creator gains money just from people clicking.

Some may also use misleading titles. Again, this is another way to lure viewers into a video that just has a misleading title put there on purpose. And again, this is another way the creator can get money.

There are some YouTubers I've come across, and as a very underrated YouTuber, I find this act selfish and a lazy way to get money. If there's a day I get popular, I would never use this stupid method to gain money; I'd be out of my house, earning money at a REAL job.
Clickbait is just the worst thing I've seen. And I hate how some people get away with it, like YouTubers do not get terminated for spam content.
by Tomboy05 April 22, 2018
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