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internet service unprovider

an ISP great for all things but streaming video, online action games, or downloading large files. just check your email and read some web pages, but stay off youtube with this one. it's 4g, and even 4g though newer than 3g just doesn't have good latency. expect a best latency of 120ms on average instead of 40-80 with cable or dsl. when they do right by you, you'll have fast downloadings, but then they overbook customers and randomly cut down customer's speeds all day long and you just get half a megabit for hours on end and just give up on netflix and everything else cool on the interweb and have long since given up playing games online since people kick you out of game lobbies for having high ping and you don't blame them either since you lag anyway. :'(
example of a talk with clearwire customer service, heavily modified for dramatic purposes

me: hello, im paying for 6 mbps and i'm only getting half a megabit per second all day, and its been on and off like this for months now. either your tech support tells me the tower is overloaded, or that i've downloaded 5 GB's which is too much. but i have to wonder why you are subscribing new people if you can't handle what you have. not to forget i'm in austin texas in a part of town that should have a good signal. sometimes i do get my 6 mb/s, so i know it is possible, if you'd just fix your service to handle peak times (which seem to be the whole day).

technical support: consider yourself lucky sir, some people can't even log on on at all!
by yakuza 3 for ps3 October 29, 2010
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A somewhat new ISP. It consists of an easy to set up wireless modem without the need of a technician. With a 1.5 down and 256 up it's not the best out there. But it being relitivly cheap and portable within the service area it is rather good.
When my clearwire modem gets good sevice it works great, but when it doesn't it's just about the most shitty thing out there.
by xH2Mx September 10, 2006
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