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A close relative of the standard issue scenester, the typical cleanster showers one or more times a day (in the morning, and perhaps before gracing the venue) and likes to keep their room organized and smelling great. Cleansters put bros before hos, dig brooms but not 'shrooms, and prefer pierced clits over cancer sticks.

Cleansters are often accused of being vain, but I mean, they smell real nice and are really friendly so who can blame 'em?

Cleansters' nearest cousins rally under the cry " xYoUx xArEx xSoooOx xScEnEx!!!!". Cleansters on the other hand, with their superior spelling and grammar, rally under the cry "Oh my fucking god; what the fuck? You are so clean!"

Cleansters typically keep with the trend of the day but lag just behind the cutting edge. They are quick to adopt and own the latest fads on the market; Swiffer, Ultra Tide 2, whatever.

Cleansters are hard to avoid, due to the fact that you can't smell them coming, but you can be sure that they'll be at the next indie, emo, punk, shoegaze, post-rock, noise-art show with a bottle of Purell in the back pocket of their skin-tight jeans.
" Did you see her room? She's such a cleanster... xoxoxox"
by Steven Luscher May 16, 2006
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