the black white supremicist on chappelle's show.

This is the funniest sketch ever on tv.
"Sir, my message is simple. Niggers, Jews, Homosexuals, mexicans, a-rabs, and all different sorts of chinks stink! and i hate 'em."
by Chris A. December 28, 2005
A blind person that hates his own race of people.

He was raised at the Wexler Home of the Blind, where he was the only negro that lived there, so he was told that he was white. He grew up to be an author of six books about his distaste to non-Caucasian man; four of those books were published. Never seen in public because he hasn't left his property in years, until one day, he went to a book signing in town, and when he was asked to show his face, he shocked his audience with his black skin. Bigsby accepted the fact that he is black, but divorced his wife Prudence because she was a "nigger lover".
Some famous Clayton Bigsby quotes:
"We're winning the war against Al-Qaeda, but we're losing the war against Al Sharpton!"
"I am in no way, shape or form involved in any niggerdom!"
"Let's talk about Chinese people! With their kung-fu and their silly ching-chang-chong talk! We can't understand you! Go back to yer country! White power!"
by Deathgrind > you September 11, 2007
Black white-supremesis from Chappelle's Show. Author of the books Dump Truck, Nigger Stain, I Smell Nigger, and Nigger Book.
Clayton Bigsby: "He said look here nigger. That there's My Girl. Anyone gon have sex with my sister it's gonna be ME!"

Clayton: "Sir! I am going to make this Very Clear. I am in no Way, Shape, or Form involved in Any Niggerdom!"
Blind, Black-White supremacists, who all his life was told he was white. has made appearances on "Chappelle's Show".
Clayton Bigsby is gonna give a speech tonight about all the damn nigras, jews, homosexuals, mexicans, arabs, and all kinds of different chinks turning us good god fear'n white folks into a minority
by Moo3y May 4, 2005