1. Someone who aspires to become more than just a common ass-hole. A classy ass-hole.

2. A classic ass-hole.
dick: how did you spend your morning?
tom: feeding rocks to children in the park.
dick: your sociopathic abuse of random strangers staggers me.
tom: i aspire to have more creativity than the common ass-hole. i'm more of a classy ass-hole. a class-hole if you will. for example, i like poking tiny holes in styrofoam noodle cups at the grocery store. thanks to me, someone gets surprise boiling water in the lap.
dick: i am in awe.
by timmytron February 9, 2008
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a student who asks lots of questions or makes comments for the purpose of impressing the professor in the hope that it will result in a higher grade.
"In our Con Law class today that damn Burt never shut up --what a class-hole!"
by JackR April 15, 2009
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A person who can find anything to be classy thus annoying his friends/acquaintances with his odd classiness.
Friend 1: Wow dude look at Steve he's wearing a shirt that looks like a Polo brand shirt but it really has a guy playing lacrosse on it.

Friend 2: I know bro. He's such a class hole.
by ClassHole69 December 9, 2010
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A stereotypical home improvement store customer who often drives a big truck that looks like a pile of dirty shit and takes the designated “Contractor Pro” parking spaces serious enough to leave a note explaining why your rich and entitled Tesla driving ass shouldn’t be parking in his spot. But it’s not really about the parking spot in a Class-holes small mind. He’s envious and regrets his choices made in his miserable life.
Aaron: Hey Brad... Some guy just left a note on my car criticizing my parking space choice and calling me a rich, entitled asshole.

Brad: Wtf man! He’s just jealous of the type of car you drive which he couldn’t afford. What a real Class-hole!
by SirWinston February 15, 2021
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