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disgusting school filled with bugs, all the girls are either mad hot or dumb ugly, the worst high school in the state filled with weirdos who eat their toe nail clippings.
"yo clarkstown north is gross, I heard they got bugs in the bathrooms"
by yurdddd December 12, 2017
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Hell on Earth. Filled with jappy girls, guys who juul and get 4.0s, and general shittiness all around. It's practically impossible to fit in with the amount of cliques and awful people here. The building is run-down, the academics are incredibly difficult, and we're infested with roaches and rats. Everyone here wants to get the fuck out of this toxic environment and never come back. The administration scratches their heads and wonders why the student population is steadily decreasing every year. Maybe because we don't want our children living in this real-life horror show.
RIch, douchey Jewish kid who disrespects everyone around him - "Yo, I just got into Harvard!! I'm going to get laid, hit the juul then win sections tomorrow!"
Person who is friendly, respects everyone, is intelligent, funny and attractive - "I got bullied at Clarkstown North for the entire time I was there. Luckily, I now have a beautiful wife, a mansion, and a great group of friends because I didn't act like a fucking asshole all the time."
by DepressedBoi February 04, 2018
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