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A clandit is like a frenemy but is related to you.

Like a frenemy, clandits will pose to be your friend and a good member of the family, but not act like one in many situations.

A clandit can also be someone in your family that steals from you.
1. When having a chat with a clandit, they will attempt to undermine you with pointedly mean remarks. When asked about the mean remarks, the clandit will play dumb or get mad at you for thinking they would say such a thing to you.

2a) A cousin is house sitting for you. While you are away, the cousin "borrows" the car and doesn't return it.

2b) When someone in the family dies and an inheritance is left, the clandit will contest the will in an effort to get more than their fair share of the inheritance.
by Phoenix5626 November 16, 2007
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