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bass, booty, glam, steps, drum, dub

so like one day that girl leen was all leestening to her major homees unreleasssd traccxx and she was like


clamstep was born

sounds like dubstep, skull disco, hyperstep and booty bass with an inland empire sized dose of glitter, glimmer, and all things a teenage suburban prostitute would want for her borethday
Calls yourself a lady first.

stop jackin my swagger
quit bitin my style
you aint even cute now
i scened u for a while
i dont give up yo
math u deserve
count your calories AND
freshen up you serious
keep collecting my dust
just to synthesize a zoo of you
disrespecting as usual
take away your wideness
of all the wrong places
a no apologies girl
it just has to be you
takin territory i marked with my scent
allow ur puggy nose
deep inhale my stench
those mine cubic two meters
of delirious shed
entertain my mental space??
who the fuck called u over that day?!
STOP JACKIN my style
no biting my HAIR
you aint even cute now
*I* scened u for a split
where the hell your real jocks
mirrord mine special
cant believe you stared me
grotesquely for a segment
LOYALTY like a lollipop
swiping my locks
wacking my kicks
stealing my lucks
when our eyes dont meet
stop snooping my shit
i dont wanna deal
with some puppy ho
tryinna be a bitch

fuck off.

i scened
i scened

by leena leen August 13, 2008
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