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When two extraordinarily hot lesbian women are rubbing their raging pussies against each other. Works best when said women are perpendicular to each other. While observing, it is customary to begin chanting "Clamfight!...Clamfight!...Clamfight!" until the security guards as you to leave the bar.
I hope this lesbian porn has a clamfight scene.

I would like to film a clamfight between your mother and your sister. We'll make a quick hundy.
by Paco Da Jew August 13, 2006
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Two nasty lesbians beating the piss out of each other. Typically, you can smell their fishy hooch sweat after two or three minutes of fighting.
Those two hoochies have been clam fighting for so long that it smells like an old warf in here.
by Mr. Pud October 08, 2008
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