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Jesus, look at the clamchops on that slut. What's she been putting in there, watermelons?
by stbob January 21, 2005
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clam - chops
Def: A females vagina. Basically her "lips".
Clamchops can also be known as camel toe
See also pussy
Dude! Did you slide your shaft inside her clam chops?!

Her clam chops were mighty tastey.
by diviniti November 08, 2005
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Female equivalent to a males teabag.

Slapping someone with your vagina.
He went to teabag me, but I clam chopped him before he got the chance... he liked it though.
by CassieToxic October 15, 2011
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When one slaps/kicks/punches/karate chops a woman in the pussy/vagina
Billy Ray clam chopped Sally Mae's vagina after he found out she was cheating
by Acrae Mliyah October 17, 2017
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Clam = vagina, Chops = face
Clam chops = vagina face

Friendly insult toward your esteemed chaps
Sheila: Thanks for the top root ey cunt.
Bloke: Yeah you too clam chops.

See that ugly bird over there?

Who? you mean clam chops?
by nigeLpredator February 07, 2017
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