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The female version of teabag. Considering females don't have the necessary parts for a teabag, "clambag" was made in place.

The act of clambagging would be a female placing her genitals onto the face (mouth) of someone else. This term was coined and is growing popularity with Halo 2 on Xbox Live. A female gamer will squat down on top of a newly killed opponent to "clambag" him and declare her superiority.
Kim: I'm going to teabag that noob the next time I kill him.
Dustin: No, Kim, you'd be clambagging him.
by Dustin C. February 28, 2006
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when a female slips her vagina over an unsuspecting nose or passed out person. Opposite of T-Bag

Mazgaj had too much to drink and passed out so Bertha gave him a Clam Bag
by RobertoD June 07, 2006
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