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ever been out with friends and one of them just can't hang it with everybody, thats a claig. Claig's unneccessarily make dick comments, come off as cocky and usually hail from NY but it is not restricted to the big apple. The sure sign is a frown face where it looks like the "claig" would rather be home eating alprazolam's than kicking it.
Yo put away that claig face, your scaring all the ladies away.

Bro your straight claiggin right now, pick your shit up.

After a few dabs, that kid will be claigged out.
by Big Gugs November 23, 2012
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Claig!! Not quite man , not quite female. This rare specimen pops up to ruin the lives of others, by approving all the sinful pleasures young men in their 20's like to do.

In actual fact , Claig is the devil and no drug or occasion can have this man submit to defeat. He is though a fucking pussy amongst men.stick think and does more coke lines than any man on earth.
Shut the fuck up, Claig!!

Cmon claig !! Time to get your act together.
Hey Claig, where are the Dwelms my boi!!?
by Boeta Dippenaar July 14, 2017
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