Qualities that generate a sense of identity, commonality and cultural relevance in the public realm.
Approaching societal identity via civitas is a way in which historic patterns and rhythms can be combined with relevant cultural and civic needs that if considered, can provide architects with the proper means to generate social acts of spatial construction that creates a resounding frequency of positive vibrations throughout the civic realm in which they exist.
by saucekettle May 11, 2010
A name that comes from an italian root. This person is usually short seeking the strength to grow and rule the world; Outstandingly intelligant; A perfectionist to the point that can sometimes be annoying; A funny person; A person that tries to hard for a lot of things; Craves the colour black and uses it in many ways; A special person with outstanding punctuation, grammar and amazing calligraphy!!! Even if you think this is a bad name, it is really very special!
Hey girl! Wow, your rockin the black today and wow, you got some amazing printing there!" "Oh don't make me blush, teehee, I try so hard and I know I will get 100% on this one!" "Lol, your too funny, you always get 100%, your like god! Your a Civita! :D
by improvking December 7, 2010