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Probably one of the most unique bands out there to date. Anthony's incredible voice bounces off the almost psychedelic-like guitar riffs creating music you'll either feel an intense connection and love to or won't know what the fuck is going on. Their performances are always amazing with such a high energy and everybody (including straight guys) goes fucking nuts for Anthony and his crazy dancing. Juturna and On Letting Go are Circa's two main albums but Anthony also has a few side projects including The Sound of Animals Fighting and some acoustic songs.

Many fans agree that their music really enters into your soul and even makes you feel stoned out of your mind when you're sober as fuck. Totally awesome band that is finally becoming known for more than just 'anthony's band he made after he ran out on saosin.' They're my absolute favorite.
by ilovecircasurvive November 20, 2007
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love, life, or the act of either.
Or to hint at a future dance party with much boogie-ing and grooving. The afore mentioned dance party usually involves lots of sweat, but even more living together.
Circa Survive always involves letting go of precepts, consistency, and sin. It allows one to be free (even of yourself) and experience life as it was meant to be experienced: surrounded by people full of hope and love screaming along to its sound, moving and grooving together.
Think of it as a state of ecstacy without the drug part.
And Circa Survive always involves cake.
by cate v April 12, 2008
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few things come close to the feeling you get when you are blessed with the sound of this absolutely amazing band. its almost like the very first time you get REALLY high and you think this is where you want tto stay for the rest of your life, in this mind state. the unique beats mixed with the undescribable guitar riffs and random other sounds and effects that accompany Anthony Green's voice blend together so smoothly and lift you into the air, figuratively of course, giving you the happiest, deepest, most alive feeling you've ever expirienced. the best part is, that the feeling you get everytime you hear your favorite circa song(or any of their songs fort that matter) intensifies each time as your love, appriciation, and understanding of the band blossoms into the most beautiful flower who promises to never fade, but to continue growing forever, always getting more and more beautiful.
Circa survive is a band better than any other in the world. they are from doylestown pennsylvania.
guy: dude are you going to see circa survive tonight?
another guy: my wife is in the hospital giving birth to my son... hell yeah i'm going to the show!
by oh,hello October 05, 2010
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The current project (as of early 2004) of former Saosin lead singer Anthony Green. Circa Survive is an emo-influenced indie band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
I love the song "Handshakes At Sunrise" by Circa Survive.
by Too Clear November 10, 2004
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Indie: Experimental: Progressive: Rock band. The lead singer is Anthony Green. The rest of the band is Nick Beard, Steve Clifford, Brendan Ekstrom, and Colin Frangicetto. Circa Surive has two albums out, Juturna, and the most recent, On Letting Go.
Dude, seeing Circa Survive play live, and hearing Anthony's killer vocals is like having a wild orgasm!
by elna November 08, 2007
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