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Probably one of the most unique bands out there to date. Anthony's incredible voice bounces off the almost psychedelic-like guitar riffs creating music you'll either feel an intense connection and love to or won't know what the fuck is going on. Their performances are always amazing with such a high energy and everybody (including straight guys) goes fucking nuts for Anthony and his crazy dancing. Juturna and On Letting Go are Circa's two main albums but Anthony also has a few side projects including The Sound of Animals Fighting and some acoustic songs.

Many fans agree that their music really enters into your soul and even makes you feel stoned out of your mind when you're sober as fuck. Totally awesome band that is finally becoming known for more than just 'anthony's band he made after he ran out on saosin.' They're my absolute favorite.
Circa Survive is fucking awesome.
by ilovecircasurvive November 20, 2007
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