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(acronym) Cager Internet Defense Force.

A play on words referring to the JIDF (Jewish Internet Defense Force, which is a real organisation). Cager refers to Death-cage rattlers, i.e. car drivers, from the perspective of a committed cyclist.

The CIDF supposes the existence of a coherent organisation that leaps to the defense of car drivers in forums across the internet, whever a cyclist complains about being run over or weak penalties applied to a driver that killed a cyclist, or any participation in the frequent online conflicts between cyclists and drivers.

See: Comments section of any newspaper column about cycling or traffic since about 2005.
In a discussion about drivers not being prosecuted when at fault in cyclist deaths, the poster replies: "tl;dr Stop riding like an idiot and expecting car drivers to see you and yeild. Take your own life and safety into your own hands." (spelling and grammatical errors present in original text)

This is an example of CIDF in action.
by AnonymousCyclist January 21, 2014
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