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non-mean prank. these activities always:

1) leave the Recipient feeling loved, encouraged, &comforted.
2)anonymous surprises for the recipient. Give all the credit to Jesus Christ. This makes it even more fun, since you're secretly planning & carrying out a surprise for a person. Exceptions: a group completely pays off a person's debt etc
4) It is made to fit the recipient's specific needs. (example: Cindy was $20,498 in debt still from college loans. Cindy was "church-pranked" & received a check for exactly $20,498.
5)Choosing a recipient who has been discouraged, in a tough spot, had a close relative pass away recently, or in financial straights makes the "church-prank" all the better.
6)DON'T leave the recipients feeling worthless, scared, with any property damage, in a trash can, stuffed into a locker, with a swirly, or injured
7) if this act was done to ur pastor's daughter, would he be filled with righteous anger? no.
7) would you want this done to you? example, if u wouldn't want to find piles of poop on ur desk, it's not a church-prank to put poop on a persons desk. If u like to finding $20bills on ur desk, would someone else be encouraged if they found $20bills hidden on theirs?
8) church-pranks don't leave messes around & aren't illegal.
9)Does it bring someone closer to Jesus Christ? Does it leave the recipient thanking God? Does this act fit in with the loving, deeply caring, encouraging, comforting, good, creative character of God?
Frank couldn't afford to take his wife out to dinner. He got church-pranked when he opened an anonymous gift certificate for a dinner for 2.
Simon's old car broke down. He couldn't afford a car. Simon got church-pranked when his friends got together & bought Simon the new car of his dreams.

Sam went on a mission trip. He got church-pranked when he got home, only to find his lawn already mowed by an anonymous source.

Freddy the Freshmen went on his first mission trip. He was sad when he didn't see anyone get saved on the 1st day. Freddy cried himself to sleep. Freddy got church-pranked when he found a chocolate bar on top of his bag & encouraging Bible verses.

George, the receiver for the college football team, got into a car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. He had fallen asleep at the wheel. The pastor's son - who had been driving the other car- died. George's dream of playing in the NFL ended. Stuck in the hospital instead of on the football field & partying, George was sad. George would lose his football scholarship. He couldn't afford the hospital bills. But George got church-pranked when the pastor (whose son died in the car accident) was holding a check that not only covered his hospital bills but the next year's tuition &fees for college. He told George he was forgiven. Astounded, George accepted Jesus Christ. George graduated from college & became a doctor.
by WhatWouldHolyGhostDo? November 07, 2014
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