Uncontrolable laughter in an inappropriate situation. Coined by comedian Kathy Griffin.
Julie: Sorry I couldn't make it to Tim's funeral yesterday. How was it?

Bill: Oh, it was really sad, but the worst part was when I got a case of the church giggles during the burial. I don't know where it came from, but I couldn't stop laughing.

Julie: You're sick, you know that? He was your best friend!

Bill: Oh like you've never gotten the church giggles before. Need I remind you of your nephew's briss?
by improviduto August 7, 2005
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To laugh during an inappropriate time, place or event.
"We saw a guy in a restaurant fall because his artificial leg came off. A lot of people, including us, had uncontrollable church giggles. We felt so bad afterwards"

by ThomasM April 11, 2008
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A habit of children and immature adults to find things with little or no comedic value hilarious when bored in church in order to entertain themselves.
A brother and sister are sitting in church, begrudgingly listening to a sermon until the preacher says: "god owns everything from here to Uranus.."; at which point the two children attempt to silence their uncontrollable laughter. These two kids suffer from church giggles.
by milvy April 25, 2008
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