A faggot who has a head shaped like a penis
Hey doesn't Ivan look like a chunky chode
by Teco ball August 31, 2015
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When someone is just all round fucking retarded. Just. SO fucking retarded.
They are really large in the belly area so can't do much in terms of moving.
They tend to slur speech or speak in a way not fathomable to the human mind.
They are constantly angry, tending to annoy people incredibly easily, either due to their lack of chromosomes or just because they are just so fucking retarded.
They never make sense in actions or decisions always choosing the dumbest action possible and blaming it on others.
For example shooting from 50 yards out on pro clubs and blaming the LB for not making a run.
This syndrome is generally causes by a combination of generations of ceaseless inbreeding and relentlessly being dropped on the head as a child.

They have many illnesses and diseases for including but not limited to poo aids, general beardedness, an attraction to whales and a insistence to not be able to pronounce the letter T.
James - "WanNa gO On GEA" (Meaning GTA)
Ed - "Fuck off you disabled prick"
James - *has sex with a whale*
Ed - "Yep he has Chunky Chode Syndrome"
by Hobly May 9, 2021
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