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1. a craftsman of djent music and its varying offshoots. thinks of other types of metal as "inferior". insists that a guitar (and, by extension, the player) is a piece of shit unless it has >7 strings, but at the same time insists that the only strings that need to be played are the bottom two, and the only frets that need to be used are the first two. cannot physically play anything above a low A. hates it when non-djent fans (see: pleb) call it anything else, specifically "metal" or "deathcore," even though they're pretty much the same thing. favorite albums include everything by meshuggah and periphery, master chugsmiths. probably has a shrine of tosin abasi and misha mansoor in his/her closet that s/he furiously and angrily masturbates to.

2. an insult for the reasons listed above
1. "Look at that chugsmith perfect his craft, writing music that most of us only ever dream of."

2. "For fucks' sake, just use standard tuning, we're a country cover band, ya chugsmith"
by allthecoolpseudonymsaretaken February 05, 2014
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