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a derogatory term for a canadian, derived from the canadian rapper Chuggo
"Those damn chuggos and their maple syrup"
by that one random guy March 31, 2009
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Chuggo is a shitty white Canadian rapper who is famous on YouTube for AHH C'MON FUCK A GUY!
So I was talking to Chuggo and he said:

Ahh c'mon fuck a guy!
by Pennyweather Mandrake April 08, 2008
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Chuggo is another word for prions, an infectious protein particle previously thought to be a virus protein that not only folds into an unusual shape itself, but also seems to have the ability to cause other proteins to change their shape as well. However, its meaning is changed when chiuggo is said, as this notifies the people of the almight PP4L to their whereabouts so that they may attack them.

Also known as f1res, vap0rs, and many other names. The numbers are included in these names to allow foir bypassing of wordfilters in the Oper Abused efnet irc servers.
<Guy1> Holy hell, i heard you got chuggo the other day
<Guy2> yeh, my proteins are misfolding all over the place.
<Guy1> wow, you got fires then i take it?
Guy1 has quit IRC (Killed (Efnet Oper Abuse (K?))
<Guy2> i hate my prions :(
by Danny De'lol March 11, 2008
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