A phrse originating from Houston, TX, meaning 'To throw up a peace sign, with two fingers. A way of greeting people.
Chico drove by chuckin a deuce.
by Chico H December 30, 2005
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To throw your hand up to hail someone or greet a friend done by throwing your hand up showing the peace sign backwards.
Originally from Houston,Texas.
Nigga I was rolling down in the turning lane chuckin the deuce at the homies.
by ty ty May 02, 2006
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crackers give the peace sign, pimps chuck the deuce. so one more reason it aint cool to be white.
put up your index finger and and middle finger at the same time.

"yo whats up baby *hold up 2 fingers*

there you go you chucked a deuce
by Dirteh Mo May 16, 2005
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This refers to throwing your feces

Deuces = number 2 = going "number 2" in the bathroom
I was chuckin the deuce in the bathroom.
by JESSizzle12342 November 12, 2010
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