the guy that makes you feel amazing! the guy that you want to live with and love for the rest of your life
ray is miranda's chubby hubby! Miranda loves her chubby hubby!
by mickey dizzele February 6, 2009
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A slang name for a man's penis. As seen from Family Feud.
Steve Harvey (Host): "Name something a bride wants to be huge."
Contestant: "The Dong"
Steve (to the board asking what the survey says): The Dong!
Survey board: "Hubby's Chubby (4 points)"
by Paul Stompbox October 17, 2014
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On the first of every month ladies must rub or massage their husbands/boyfriends dick all throughout the day
(Woman)"Today is national rub your hubbys chubby day, i better go massage my man's dick for him"
by Chiefstix November 1, 2019
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