chris romanelli is both a meme and a crush. chris romanelli can be very attractive but also very silly 😝. chris romanelli is often called-
-chris romanell
-christ romanelli etc..
he is an icon, a legend, and is very useful to say/ send his pic to make people laugh and/or smirk 😜😏
many times you will see his picture or would get an image sent of chris used as comedy or because he is so appealing to look at.

icon because he has formed many friendships and has made many memes.
he is very funny because of how iconic he is known for his tiktok videos 😂💯

many memes you will see are screenshots took and made with love and care.
he is appealing to look at and very hot because he simply is. he’s funny, he has a gold chain, and he has the PERFECT smile and overall personality. he is very cool and swag sexy. have you seen him shirtless 🤤? he is really everyone’s ideal boyfriend.

(he is not an inside joke, he is actually very popular on instagram and tiktok and i just made this because sometimes people are confused why i send his pictures with no context)💕
“chris romanelli”
“chris romanelli is so hot”
“let us pray to our lord christ romanell”
“omg that’s such a chris romanell thing to do 😂”
by swaggy and anonymous January 28, 2021
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