To perform oral sex on a woman.
Dude, I chowed Molly's box for 2 hours last night, and my jaw hurts, but I like the pain because it reminds of where it came from.

Dude, first date? I wonder if you'll chow box.
by Matty Jo Jo September 29, 2006
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1)The space in between a female's legs where a male can find himself pretending he's at an all you can eat seafood extravaganza, hands tied and no utencils.

2)The genetalia of a particular breed of Asian dogs.
My head hurts so bad the only thing that would make me feel better is a face full of chow-box.
by Timmay November 28, 2003
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Girl: What do you wanna do?
Guy: Let's bone. I'm feenin' for the chowbox.
by Disparu December 14, 2003
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