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A female chotch. Please reference chotch. Briefly, a sorority girl (or wannabe sorority girl) who pretends to enjoy watching the NFL, loves eating at Chili's, still drinks domestic light beer in her 30's, plays beer pong to fit in with chotches, considers Jagermeister the "hard stuff", has extremely high levels of self-interest, has a Valley Girl accent even if from Ohio, for some strange reason cannot or will not remove her alma mater decorations from her home, car, office, and body, loves the Jersey Shore, usually a middle-manager, sometimes a yuppie, is perfectly cool with being proposed to at a large sporting event on the jumbotron, and so forth.
Dude, I think Katie is a chotchette... we drove to lunch at Chili's together in her Jeep listening to a mix of Dave Matthews Band and early '90's hip-hop. She said "totally" a lot and then ordered a Bud Light.
by the categorologist January 09, 2008
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