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A typical choosing beggar wants things that are decently expensive, and good quality, for astonishingly low prices. The "choosing beggar" title, originated from Reddit, under a subreddit called r/choosingbeggars. When choosing beggars don't get their ways, they often start cussing and threatening the person trying to sell them the item. A karen is often a choosing beggar.
Salesperson - I had a choosing beggar try to get a 3-month-old MacBook from me for 30 dollars and some essential oils!

Friend - Dude WTF? Those peeps are insane, man.
by nutella_14 May 20, 2019
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A Person who wants something from you and pays less Example is below.
Choosing Beggar ( CB )
Person ( M )

CB: Can I get your cool art?
M: Sure which package
CB: Ummm, I would like premium!
M: Sure that would be 152 dollars!
CB: How about 10 dollars?
M: No, this art isn't free Ma'am this is the premium package.
CB: 15 dollars final offer
M: no
CB: I know people I will post the art on my profile and people will buy more
M: ( Checks Followers, sees there is 0 followers. )
M: Let me get this straight you want a premium art package for 15 dollars when the material is 150 dollars and the shipping fee is 2 dollars, claiming you have a lot of followers saying that people will buy more when you have 0 followers? Alright choosing beggar.
CB: No, I have 1000M followers!
M: You have 0
CB: Fuck you I know people and I'm rich!
M: Then why the fuck do you pay the premium package for 15 dollars?
CB: Fuck you! You just lost a good deal bud your business will never succeed.
M: ( 5 years later ) Ah yes, over 5 million dollars, in my purse; and I'm the richest person in the world. | : )
by DefinitionHelper October 27, 2020
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