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That ooze that can be found on your chode (or any penis, chode sounds funnier) when you become aroused
"Yuck, you left a chodeslime trail all up my leg"
by You sunk my battle ship January 08, 2004
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Its like snot, but from your chode, normally directed at someone you disslike, or a friend, who is just being a straight up douche who doe's stupid things, or a person who does not know their drinking limit, and pukes all over your new laptop. In a way it is the marrige of chode meeting slime, and they had a child, and its called Chode Slime, and CS's parents are total fucking dicks for bringing this child onto our planet.
"Man, last night, our bro was total chode slime, he puked everywhere in the bar, and all over my sisters bed later that night."
by Capt Guillotine December 15, 2011
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