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1. verb The simultaneous combination of a 'donkey punch' & 'cooter kick.'
(both may be looked up in this dictionary)

2. The 'choch poch' may be used verbally as an arguement ender. (more common use)

Taken literally, this could be a very unsatisfactory for the women involved to say the least.

*The two uses of the 'choch poch' may be compared to the word fuck- It may be taken literally or as an expression of speech. Though as an expression of speech it can still be offensive, the literal meaning is not normally implied.
A- I called shotgun first!
B- Bullshit, I'm sitting in the front seat.
A- Dude, I'm gonna choch poch you.
B- Damnit! (person B gives up front seat)

C- Who gets the last beer?
D- Choch Poch!
C- Fuck.

by Jimmey February 23, 2007
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