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The cheesy residue that is left on your fingers after eating cheetos.

The cheese crumbs left on your finger
I'm licking the yummy "chittle" on my fingers.. yummy
by Myssy September 15, 2008
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the act of feces freezing immediately upon leaving the rectum
1. (v.) Dude, it's so fucking cold out that when I took a shit it chittled.

2. (n.) Your girlfriend took a chittle on my chest pubes.

3. (n.) My poor dog choked on a chittle.
by Adryler November 09, 2009
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the chease residue left at the bottom of the chez doodles bag ... that you and your friends fight over
me: no you ho thats my chittle.
brittany: i bought the bag mofo
me: *shoves chittle in mouth*
brittany: *smacks me in face*--and smiles
by "leanna" March 14, 2006
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A cute and caring form of the word "chat". Commonly used when referring to an eagerly anticipated conversation with a loved one.
by haab24 August 08, 2014
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Random crumbs from various crunchy snacks stuck in your keyboard. Typically very annoying, and common amongst gamers.
"I need to log into my Facebook, but there's too much chittle under my keys!"
by supertoker October 09, 2014
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