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chispas- a game invented by mexicans, if you are holding something in your hand and someone else takes it and says chispas it is theirs. However, if they attempt to take it and you hold onto it for 3 seconds they have to let go, the exact time is judged by others around you. Everybody who has been informed of the rules plays and the only way to quit is to take a punch from everyone who plays.

chispasable items:
-pretty much anything (includes taco bell)

un-chispasable items:
-in n out
-drinks if and only if the lid is open
-hats(technically you are not holding them but wearing them)
"craig chispased my pencil pouch...fuck"

-"if craig attempt to chispas someones pencil pouch but fails to take it away within 3 seconds but doesnt let go everyone gets a punch on him cuz that's a dick move"
by lulz666 January 20, 2011
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