The chipotle challenge is one of the toughest and most grueling tasks ever to face man kind. It is also very difficult yet highly enertaining to watch. To complete the chipotle challenge sucessfully you must eat 3 full burritos or fajita burritos in one sitting (maximum time limit of 45 minutes). No burrito bowls or any of that pansy crap is allowed either. When attempting this challenge the competitor may choose what sides he wants on his burritos and the burritos may be all the same, or different if he prefers. The competitor should not have to purchase the burritos himself but the price should be split up among friends (unless of course the competitor eats less than 1 and a half burritos at which point he will refund all money and acknowledge he is a huge failure). The competitor may drink whatever fountain drinks are availble at the chipotle and there is no restriction on how much you may drink/not drink. This challenge takes months and sometimes years in preparation before it should even be attempted due to the amount of mental strain the competitor must go thru to complete it. If a challenge is completed successfully he/she shall be known as a chipotle master and should be given great respect not only in chipotles but around the world.
I have not yet completed the chipotle challenge, but i am currently training with a chipotle master from my city...he is like a god to me
by DWD June 28, 2006
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The most grueling challenge of all. A person must eat 3 full burritos in 45 minutes and then run a mile on a track in under 8 minutes, all while holding it down for two hours after the original start time.
Bob: DUDE! You up for some Chipotle?
Fred: Sure!
Bob: Do the chipotle challenge! You eat 3 burritos and then run a mile in under 8 minutes!
Fred: WTF?! Thats crazy!
Bob: Pussy
by burrito-masta June 1, 2009
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The highest personal achievement any human can accomplish. You must eat 4 chipotle burritos, 2 chicken and 2 steak. You have 25 minutes to finish eating, while allowed to drink any beverages necessary. Immediately after the final burrito is finished the competitor has to run a mile. This mile must be completed in under 7 and a half minutes. After the mile is completed the competitor must not throw up for 2 hours, however if vomit occurs he/she can still eat their throw up to maintain eligibility.
Mike: "You just ran your mile in 7:21, don't throw up now."
Kevin: "Too much food"
Mike: "Be a man, the chipotle challenge is the most impressive accomplishment in the world."
Kevin: "Owwwww"
by TommyMcgee April 19, 2009
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FOUR chipotle burritos, fully loaded.

30 minute time limit.

A (this varies) sub 6 minute mile after completing the eating part.
No vommiting allowed for 1 hour after the run is over.
Dude, you're insane for attempting the chipotle challenge. Who the hell manages that much food and then runs?
by CPTC Fool October 20, 2013
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