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You've had to many chocolate chips or any sort of ice cream with chocolate chips in them. You could be high-per. Based of the term "shit-faced".

Chip-faced was said in "Miss Congeniality."
"Top me off pal, I wanna get chip-faced!"
by ChipFaced March 18, 2009
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Getting a stomachache or sugar high on ice cream. Just like getting shitfaced, but on ice cream.
Woman: Gimme a pint.
Bartender: Bad day?
Woman: Yeah.
Bartender: *hands woman pint of Ben and Jerry's™*
Woman's Friend: Hey, wanna go watch the game?
Woman: Not now. I'm getting chipfaced.
by iGelman3G January 15, 2010
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(adj) shitfaced, aloof, fuddle (v) the act of eating so may chips you literally have chips stuck to your face.
Ryan's a fucking dick, but he gets chipfaced errday with Stasi.
by hipponameddippo123 November 19, 2009
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