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Indulging oneself in chewing fattening foods until, at last, letting the pulpy mess fall out into the trash instead of swallowing it. A trick often employed in secret by those seeking to spare themselves guilty calories while still enjoying the taste of sparingly nutritious foods. Though far more appetizing and less gruesome than binging and purging, some might characterize this as being symptomatic of an eating disorder; I consider it a clever means of having one's cake but only chewing it.
Mikey: I love it when your diet takes a free day while you strap on your eatin' dress to go to town on a buffet of pizza, doughnuts, and cookies.

Sean: Why's that?

Mikey: Because I can then chip lick my way to heaven but still be able to fit into my pants to fit afterwards.

Sean: Hmm... that's gross.

Mikey: Perhaps. By the way, don't look under the paper towel in the trash can.
by VeggieBoy May 19, 2008
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