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the act of feeling incredibly chill, mellow, without a worry in the world. usually used as a response to the question, "how you 'chillen?" a few minutes after smoking a bowl, joint, bong, blunt, chillum, or any other device for smoking marijuana.
Tony: "Yo Bob, how you chillen?"
Bob: "Chinchillen."
by john himself July 05, 2006
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Chin-Chillen, a verb.
A commonly used term to describe severity or intensity of of 'chilling out' or relaxing.

Relaxing to the 10th degree.
Chilling out like no other.
"What Are you doing man?"
"Nothing dude just chin-chillen."

"Hey brotang what are you up to tonight?"
"Probably not much, just chin-chillen right now."

"Man I really need to relax, big time"
"Come over here man were all just chin-chillen"
by The ChinChilla' June 24, 2009
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