To loudly holler, imitating the sounds of a chimpanzee, monkey or another primate. This is a sexual act of degradation used by submissive black raceplayer, used to emphasize their innate inferiority and similarity to apes.
Dustin: Why was JaQuan naked and screeching so loudly last night at the Eagle while all those leather bears watched? I was embarrassed FOR him.

Cole: His master made him chimpout publicly. Don't worry...he was enjoying himself.
by narratophiliac83 August 26, 2022
This is a derogatory term for a bunch of ill-mannered humans who go wild for any reason.
"The mob had a total chimpout after the controversial verdict was announced."
by vtology September 23, 2020
A term used by racists to describe a person of African ancestry when they are in a state of anger or rage.
"Wow, did you see that black person chimpout the other day on the news?" said the racist.
by gypsycrusader December 14, 2020