Children, out of the 30ies/40ies
I sent for de doctor, de doctor said
Feed dem chillun' on shortenin' bread.
by Kosheen April 07, 2005
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the place to smoke, hang, and have a good time. where the girls are.
Person 1: yo last night was mad fun at Johns house
Person 2: yea johns house is the chillun
by mcg swag August 27, 2011
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A slightly less cool way of saying 'Hanging out with the kids'
Derived from the South-American colloquialisms.
There's never really a good time to use this in a conversation, but it will certainly lighten the mood.
Bob: Howdy Cleatus whutchya doin' down yonder?
Cleatus: I'm just chillin' with the chillun'
by NomNomPotashMcBobbinson May 13, 2011
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