It basically refers to a small penis in Korea. When Jimin was talking about his parent's dream, his parents had mentioned seeing a small chilly pepper hanging from a tree.
Jungkook: " Hey guys I saw Jimin's penis when we had to take a shower, he has a small chilly pepper. "
Jimin: * bursts out laughing *
by WhereJiminsJamsWent June 9, 2017
when a male applies hot sauce to his penis and has intercouse with a female in her menstrual cycle.used as a reference.
guy A :what?!?! bush became presidnt again? i'd rather get a red hot chilli pepper. GUY B : smooth move x-lax
by funkerdoodle12 June 19, 2011
A condom that has been coated with chilli powder. This is used mostly for pranks and party favors.
I gave my bro a Utah Chilli Pepper and told him to be smart.
Something smooth and cool. Something groovy
by Waven September 20, 2012