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When a newspaper or other news media source does not mention your group in a story and you beleive said mention is warranted, you have been "chilipunked."
From the News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) Blog, "Under the Dome" on March 4, 2008.

The Libertarian Party plans to post challengers in some legislative races.

The party has collected more than 95,000 signatures and is in the process of certifying them with local elections officials and the State Board of Election, according to would-be gubernatorial candidate Mike Munger.

In an e-mail to Dome, the Duke University political science professor said that once the party plans to field candidates in "quite a few" of the 56 races with no competition.

"We'd (the Libertarians) love to be able to have a primary, but the state denied our right to do that when they used their discretion to decertify us after the 2004 election," he wrote.

He also said that Dome's failure to mention the possibility of Libertarian candidates "chilipunked" him. We have no earthly idea what that verb means.

by Ben Lurking March 04, 2008
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