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A disgusting exploitative event which involves children going on a catwalk wearing skimpy clothes and the contestants (usually girls) are dressed to look like scantily clad sluts by their parents. They're pretty much forced to dress up in slutty clothes, high heels, and an obscene amount of make-up and mascara applied.

These girls' parents actually back this kind of thing up and spend thousands of notes (even SELLING their own house) to buy the make up, get the clothes and take a flight to a 5 star penthouse suite for their childs' so-called "career".

Child Pageants are also a wide target for pedophiles and sexual offenders. The parents often say that they are no different than other children, even verbally battling the contradictions, sometimes abusively. The French government have gone as far as banning it from France. It's an immoral event which should be banned in every country.
Bill: Have you seen any photos of those child pageants?

Will: Yes, they're obscene!
by TehLulzTrain February 12, 2014
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