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Oilfield equipment, heavy duty steel flexible "hoses" used for high pressure pumping up to 20,000psi, mainly for liquid cement. Also used during well testing to flow oil and gas from a well to a separator. Lengths of chiksan are connected by hammer unions, tightened by belting the nut lugs with a sledge hammer. Oilwell drillers and their roughnecks use chiksans daily and become very adept at connecting them together in often complex circulation manifolds complete with valves, tees, crossovers, straights, swings, swivels, 4 ways...always covererd in grease and grime but ever reliable. Chiksans have been around the oilpatch for ever and are an integral part of any decent rig's equipment.
"Hey hand, slap that chiksan, it ain't got no friends"
by Scaifey April 22, 2007
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