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a unique and indescribable relationship between two straight females
1) look at the chickmance...

2) youre totally in a chickmance...
by Elfrado March 02, 2008
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bromance but instead it's for girls
Their chickmance is goals.

Cassidy and Malia's chickmance makes me happy in life. - Ben
by jen4life February 10, 2017
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A relationship between two people, generally consists of talking about love problems, being each other's tampons, bitching at each other, giving love advice to each other, sort of like a BFFL relationship between girls in teen movies... can be between any two people, can also be used derogatorily towards boys/men who consider themselves to be in a bromance but are actually way more like chicks in their bromance, thus making it a chickmance. Also known as: ladymance, girlymance, (NOT sismance, that is just not used...), vaginamance, 'ginamance... there are many other names for it.
You and I have a bromance, my man, them two over their gettin' their girly on have a chickmance supreme.
by Fizzeel November 05, 2010
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