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a low rent TV show made by brat starting some overrated kids
chicken girls is meh
by ispeakfaxs June 17, 2018
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A fake, annoying stupid TV Show that is on YouTube, where every episode is about 5 minutes long. There is even a "movie" a.k.a. a very long YouTube video. Like wth, it's so stupid and all of the actors (except Annie) suck.
BIRDS OF A FEATHER could be from fucking Barney like ew wtf
Person: "Did you watch the new episode of Chicken Girls?"

Me: "Ew, no!"
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by M.a.r.i.e.c.l.a.r.e. July 16, 2018
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In opposition to popular belief, it is not a bunch of girls who run around pretending they r chickens so they can get their daddy’s attention. They are a bunch of “high school” students that pretend to be good at singing and dancing. No one is really sure why they r called the chicken girls. Maybe its like snapchat, where u can’t change ur old username u made in second grade. Hopefully thats it.
You: “Have u seen the new chicken girls episode?
Everyone else: “No thats fucking stupid.”
by Jemilia Karnipp December 29, 2018
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She’s on tik tok and she looks like a frickin chicken and she’s fat and scary
Guy 1: did you see that chicken on tik tok

Guy 2: nah bro that is a girl. She’s freaky

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