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To exist and live as though you are a woman when in reality you are a man.
To have your mate behaving in the accusationary manner of your female spouse or partner.
To behave in the manner of a girlfriend and give advice as though your mate was channeling your woman.
Highly personal and a divergent reality warp if you're both heterosexual males.
In denial of your manliness.
"Mate you're starting to sound like my bloody girlfriend, what's with gettin' so chick-like on me."

"C'mon mate i know you're wearing a skirt but could you get any more chick-like?"

"Mate your house is so clean it's almost chick-Like."

"What do you mean you're not comin' to the footy, mate you're getting so chick-like."

by Heath Myers May 11, 2007
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