a distortion of ciao often used by the ignortant, those not so good at spelling, and the residents of Southern Florida.
"See ya, man" "Chiao" "You mean Ciao?" "Yeah.. Whatever"
by Bcre8ive October 1, 2007
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The cutest most smart person you will ever meet. She has an adorable appearance especially when she works. Don't take her as only a pretty girl though. She is extremely smart , hard working and logical. She is very social and has many many friends. Everyone enjoys her company and loves talking to her. She has high hopes though as she wants to be a president when she grows up. An all in one taker of my heart adorable smart and capable
Oh man everyone wants to be as smart as Chiao one day.
by Synonymus514 August 21, 2017
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A sex playground for the sexual predators.

This is a place for people to have orgies, furry sex, and other weird sexual activities
"Damn, what are all these used condoms for? what do you think this place is? Kang Chiao?".
by Severus Zeng October 13, 2020
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