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Chhitiz are always smiling especial around kids. people named Chhitiz will usually end up working in child care or other child focused professions, Chhitiz is smart, kind and caring and is always a good kisser, his also very good in bed and prefers car sex when it is an option. Chhitiz usually prefer younger woman or men.
Wow Chhitiz, she's a bit young don't you think?
by 69CoolKid420 June 03, 2018
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A name used for the intimate Millie Bobby Brown fans. Often identified by certain shared dreams of the aforementioned child star. These dreams can be intimate and are not always discussed by the public as a fear of being too explicit.
A Chhitiz went up to Millie Bobby Brown and sexually assaulted her in hope of winning her heart over.
by Subscribe to A Goon June 13, 2018
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