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Cheyy at first came up unknown. Shes the girl that had us,wanting to define her name. Cheyy is by far attractive to anyone who's down. Shes a player of sorts. Always appearing to be the girl who understands when she really isthe girl who needs understanding. By understanding one will only find themselves now knowing that attractive, down ,understanding, fun, sociable , organized,ready to play almost always girl. Because for winning is just the beginning of the Cheyy her friends will always find her being. And thats how her friends win too. And you know,what they always say , it takes more than one to play.
Cheyy asked me to come over and play tonight again.
by #PRETTiPENNi February 25, 2018
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Never thought perfection would be such an understatement here. Wild, free spirited, ruthless, hilarious, and sexy as ever. Definitely can make your d*ck hard with just a glance. Notorious for being the hottest and most daring. She will definitely change your life with not just her beauty but she as a whole is entirely remarkable. Big hearted fun loving animal lover. She would do anything for the people she loves and lives love as a lifestyle by loving every moment every thing and everyone that has any interaction with her. Never will you meet someone as kind hearted and loving as she is. Known as Cheyy, Cheyy Lindsayy, @infamously_explicit on social media. You are missing out on the epitome of the perfect woman. Exotic, erotic, decadent, sexy, kinky, doper than dope, gangster as fuck and 'forever deranged'! Whomever is smart and lucky enough to have her hand in marriage will be the happiest man alive! So stand in line anxious men, she is definitely a catch.
Hey Max, I met this girl named Cheyy Lindsayy, and I think....I'm in love. That girl is the only girl capable of making my heart skip a beat, and giving me a boner with just a glance. I need to know that girl. She is irresistible. Her tattoo even says 'forever deranged'. I need to see her again I need to know her I want her to have my babies.
by Xxxyhhu March 20, 2018
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