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A dedicated female World of Warcraft player who took pride and dedication to a new level with her crafting guild. Cherrybloom started in November of 2004 on Eredar server, and immediately realized the potential for the Warcraft economy. Cherrybloom does not use any UI mods or addons, like auctioneer.

Recently, Cherrybloom's bank topped 100,000 gold.

Cherrybloom is a full Armorsmith and Dragonscale Leatherworker, exhalted in many factions and knows every craftable plate and mail, base blacksmitih and leatherworking pattern in World of Warcraft.

The most recognized tradeswoman on the server, and even interserver who pushes low cost high-end crafting with set prices for stability, only charging the loweset material costs, and adding a set crafting fee based on rarity level.

Cherrybloom has crafted more than 350 Lionheart helms, over 400 Onyxia scale cloaks and more than 50 full sets of Dark Iron gear for guilds running Molten Core or BWL.

With the expansion of Burning Crusade coming out, Cherrybloom is poised to reach 375 within a few days to ensure a stable and enjoyable armor business.

It was even rumored that Cherrybloom would be made an NPC in a future expansion.
If your gear doesn't say 'Made by Cherrybloom' it's only armor.

Cherrybloom - Crafting the world, one piece at a time.
by Cherry Fan November 13, 2006
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