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A sleepaway camp in northeastern Pennsylvania filled with jappy girls, guys with a massive sex drive, and staff with a great dedication to making themselves look good while the campers take the blame.
Are you going back to chen-a-wanda? This will be my sixth summer!
by CampFreak March 06, 2015
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A way of expressing that someone is sexually attractive. It is often used with irony or playfulness.

Comes from the verb “breed” which is to copulate with intent of bearing children.

For someone to be truly “breedable” they need to be fertile.
Anon: You are looking mighty breedable this fine evening, m’lady.
Stacy: Please don’t say that to me.
Brad: Woh, you look submissive and breedable, Becky.
Becky: Wow, thanks. *sex*
by 100PercentEthylAlcohol July 14, 2021
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$14k a year sleepaway camp for JAPPY girls from NY. Girls at this camp can be seen wearing golden goose (ggdb) hard tails, sugar lips, the camp spot apparel, aviator nation, free city, Cartier and van cleef. You'll only fit in if you're JAPPY and have been there for years. Boys on the other hand only play lacrosse and hockey and have massive egos. Kids at camp hookup every night with the opposite gender by sneaking out.
She's such a jap, she probably goes to Chen-a-Wanda
by BLOBFISH12348 April 22, 2021
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$14k a year EXTREMELY A
JAPPY camp filled with hockey boys, girls from Boca and Long Island and rich kids.
Every kid here is extremely rich and jappy and you will only fit in if that's the case.
Oh she's a jap, must go to camp Chen a Wanda
by BLOBFISH12348 April 05, 2021
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