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she's the most humorous person you'll ever meent. very tall and skinny with gorgeous blue eyes and long lashes. very shy and kind. all the boys like her but she's not one to date. she is interseting and athletic. she's always surprising people and making them laugh. you'll be stunned when you meet chelin
chelin scored 20 points in her basketball game today??? doesn't surprise me!
by rolyat aim March 07, 2017
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This girl will be there for you anytime you need a friend to talk never shows her real emotions unless it's true if you get her pissed be prepared to walk away with either a black eye or a broken bone has the best sense in style can help anyone with anything gives the best advice makes you laugh is the bestest friend you will ever meet she will seem shy when you first meet but when you come close friends she's the one who can do anything cherish any moment you have with her
Boy: Dude is that the girl that beat up Kate

Girl: Yeah that's Chelin don't mess with her

Boy: But she's so nice to me
Girl : That's a good thing trust me

by Hawaiian_girl December 09, 2017
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